Metal Fabrication capabilities from A to Z.

Falso is a one stop shop for all your metal fabrication needs. Our services include: CNC punching, CNC machining, CNC forming, laser cutting, hardware insertion, welding, painting, and plating. Learn more.

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Flawless precision, breakneck speed.

Our team possesses the ability to produce complex parts without special tooling. We laser cut with unparalleled accuracy and quick turnaround. Learn more.

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From prototype to production.

We guarantee a quick turnaround on complex plastic parts with real thermoplastics. We specialize in 3-D printing of: end use parts, conceptual models, functional prototypes, manufacturing tools and fixtures. Learn more.

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Established in 1950, Falso is an industry leader.

"Our company has 50+ years of experience offering a diverse range of services to our customers. We pride ourselves on our ability to produce large quantities, while remaining agile enough to produce a single unit." - Ray Falso, President, Falso Industries, Inc. Learn more.

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We have the experience. We have the ability. We have the facilities.

Since 1950 the name FALSO has enjoyed a high reputation servicing OEM customers with our focus on small lot (1-1000pcs) production and prototypes. Skill and precision have been built into our work through years of experience.

We do prototype or production from the lightest gauges to plate in all kinds of steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and other metals. Our modern plant is completely equipped with the latest CNC equipment, inside loading platform, and delivery trucks to speed the finished job to you.

Whether your requirements call for a single unit or mass production, we would like the opportunity to bid on your requirements. Tell us about your project and Request a bid.